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Why You'll Love This Job

In Fort Worth, TX; Hector Lerma put his heart and soul into El Paseo Mexican Restaurant, he understood the importance of God and his family. He taught his family the restaurant philosophy of genuinely loving and serving, not only their customers, but their employees as well. He left his legacy in the hands of his wife and three older children to carry on the blessing that was given to him. Their goal is to make him proud, to provide excellent customer service, care for their employees, and continue the same family recipes with fresh ingredients.

General Description:
  • Cleans and maintain clean the dishwasher area, back hallway, dumpster area and parking lot.
  • Works under the guidelines of the Health Department


Essential Job Duties:
  • Manipulate objects with both hands
  • Lift 25-50 Lbs frequently
  • Stand and walk continuously throughout an eight hour work day
  • Able to work under pressure and on a station that is humid most of the times.
  • Bend at the waist and twist the body to retrieve items repetitively
  • Reach above shoulder level frequently
  • Coordinate two or more physical operations simultaneously
  • Crouch, stoop, or squat several times per hour
  • Maintain company safety and sanitation standards
  • Assist with cleanup and maintenance duties when needed.
  • Ability to learn and perform specific duties using mechanical and electrical kitchen equipment and/or cleaning equipment
  • Work in a team oriented atmosphere.
  • Work under time achievement oriented goals based upon customer demand and labor supply
  • Completion of duties to meet the demands of a customer turnover at various time frames
  • Perform a variety of tasks at various times
  • Ability to understand steps and patterns necessary to follow an acceptable service sequence
  • Ability to communicate effectively and in a pleasant manner with customers and co-workers
  • Must maintain good personal hygiene
  • Must be reliable and punctual. Business demands may affect work schedule

Skills & Qualifications

Required (Essential) Education:
  • Ability to read English at a sixth grade level

Preferred (Marginal) Education:
  • High School education preferred
  • Previous food service experience preferred
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